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While we are on the road, in order to fill your order faster, when possible we will have Amazon fill orders from our inventory in their warehouses. If you order more than 1 item they may ship from Amazon in separate packages, I will send you an e-mail to let you know when your order ships, who is shipping it & how many packages to expect.

It's 2023 and James has escalated our retirement plans. This we are finished with art & craft shows, we have sold our Bristol shoppe to a very talented ceramic sculpture artist, Lady Jone has purchased our MN Shoppe & we are planning for 2024 to be the last season we run our AZ shoppe. We are excited to be working with 2 very talented apprentices & hope to turn the AZ shoppe over to them after the 2024 season.

Thank you for patience & supporting our veteran-owned small business for over 30 years!!

Carole & James - Indigo Turtle Art

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Fast Shipping Upgrade - 2-3 day
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