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It's 2023 and James has escalated our retirement plans. This we are finished with art & craft shows, we have sold our Bristol shoppe to a very talented ceramic sculpture artist, Lady Jone has purchased our MN Shoppe & we are planning for 2024 to be the last season we run our AZ shoppe. We are excited to be working with 2 very talented apprentices & hope to turn the AZ shoppe over to them after the 2024 season.

Thank you for patience & supporting our veteran-owned small business for over 30 years!!

Carole & James - Indigo Turtle Art

Purple Diamond Porcelain Earring

Purple Diamond Porcelain Earring
  • Jewelry Packaging Indigo Turtle Art
  • Jewelry Packaging Indigo Turtle Art

Only 2 left in stock

* Individually hand formed from custom blended clay
* Hand-painted one at a time with rich underglaze colors
* Colors are protected by clear high fire gloss glaze
* Iridescent luster overglaze creates dancing rainbows
* Fired 4 times in the electric kiln
* Slightly domed shape is durable and lightweight
* The back is unglazed natural porcelain and slightly concave
* Genuine Swarovski crystals accent our unique designs
* Indigo Turtle Art original exclusive designs